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TO Create The TOP Brang Kiln Of China is a high-tech civil enterprise, specialized in manufacturing ceramic roller kiln for construction ceramic industry. Over many years, we have been devoted to develop and promote "Intelligent" longer, wider, low-heat calory fuel-saving roller kiln. We have supplied more than 600 sets of roller kilns and relative firing equipments to our domestic and overseas customers, obtained their trust and high reputation.

TO Create The TOP Brang Kiln Of China  Ceramic Association Committee of kiln equipment, Foshan Engineering R&D Center, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Training Base, South China University of strategic R & D partners, Nanhai District "Eagle Plan" Main-supported Enterprise, The R & D manufacturing base of Chinese ceramics kiln, The State-level high-tech enterprises, Province of private technology enterprises, The drafting enterprise for the China first roller kiln standards, National Brand products of China ceramic industry, Guangdong Customer Satisfied Product, China Ceramic Industry Award for outstanding cutting-edge products

Supper-Wide lower-consumption roller kiln won the "Jinyu Cup" National Construction Technology Innovation Award ...

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